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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Making Youtube or Google Video work with moseasymedia plugin of Joomla!

I was trying to have some video content to the posts in Joomla! 1.5.x and fond the moseasymedia plugin.

Making it work, however, was another challenge. After the installation, you need to trigger the setup data for the plugin. This can be done by Logging into Administrator console, go to Extensions->Plug in Manager. Choose moseasymedia plugin and enable it. Then drill down on the moseasymedia plugin and delibarately save it (for kicks). This triggers the setup data of the plugin. (phew!) -- unfortunately, I came to understand this after reading too many forums and thats when it kicked in.. (an Aha moment).

Now, you can put the following line in your article content and get a video window in the preview:

{moseasymedia media=}

Mind you, here the original Youtube video URL was The ? and = characters had to be replaced with / to make it work. Similarly so for Google video.

Another neat trick is that if you know the file extention of video being played, you can add the player=<playerkeyword> (you can get the keywords of the various players by clicking on moseasymedia plugin in Extensions -> Plugin Manager and observing the Media player entries in the parameter section) in the directive like this:

{moseasymedia player=JWFLVPlayer media=}

I tried making it work without the player= tag, but it did not work, but it works beautifully with the player= tag.

The Youtube Video example


  1. I have downloaded embedia 3.0 (formerly moseasy) but can't find the bot/mambot for Joomla 1.5, only for 1.0 (and that won't install without warning errors)

    Any idea?

  2. Hi I just read this post. It seems to work but it only shows a white space in the website. Do you know how to solve it? Thanks!