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Saturday, March 28, 2009

quick script to extract email ids from a detailed mail header

Since my creative juices are flowing so much today, I thought of posting the simple, yet effective awk script to extract sender's email ids from a detailed mail message (even though if the mail id be ecrypted).

A word of caution is that the file being processed should have a line with "EOF" value (without strings) ONLY at the end of file, otherwise the awk script will hang.

BEGIN { print FILENAME | "wc -l |cut -f1 -d' '" ; }
/^X-Sender:/ || /^From / { #print NR, $0;
# get the real userid from where the email came
#print from;
x=split(from,c," ");
#print realfrom;
# get the domain name of the smtp server now
while ($0 !~ /HELO/ && $0 != "EOF") getline;
if ($0 == "EOF") exit;
domain=$5; gsub(")","",domain); n=split(domain,a,".")
#print n, domain;
if (n>1) print realfrom"@"realdomain;

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